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Larissa Elliot. Challenges faced as she was growing up shaped the resilience, determination and grit that drive Larissa to ensure that she espouses her values and passions today and every day. In her management position at EY, she is dedicated to the diversity of thought, excellence, consistency and fostering effective leadership. Larissa designed & rolled out a development program called “Owning Your Potential” to early career female consultant and senior consultant ranks in EY's Oceania region providing tools to build confidence, resilience & ‘own’ their potential resulting in tangible impacts to the women who participate. Larissa acts as a visible and vocal role model at EY, formally and informally mentoring a number of women through facilitating the program. She demonstrates the innovative thinking/foresight to change things that must be changed without waiting for permission to do so. Outside of work, Larissa has been closely involved with several organisations giving back to the community including 100 Women, Perth SOUP, and Dreamfit Foundation.

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Leisa Aitken. Passionate about ICT and STEM education, Leisa assisted in the establishment of the Ashdale STEM Focus Group and subsequent STEM Institute which develops students’ skills in emerging technologies and creative thinking. She is an advocate for the early immersion of girls into STEM education. Leisa believes that ICT access and high-quality ICT education is key to ensuring students have a successful future regardless of their background. Recognising that some found the introduction of new technologies in their homes daunting, she initiated workshops to enable parents to understand its impact and to feel more comfortable with their children’s use of technology. Leisa has assisted in the development and delivery of STEM initiatives to students at Ashdale Secondary College and the wider community including an annual STEM Girls Day Camp, STEM Champions Workshops for parents and STEM Expo for the community. She is on the Techtrails sub-committee, ensuring that students from many other WA high schools also have the opportunity to connect with STEM role models and are encouraged to pursue STEM careers.

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Lily Jovic. Lily did not grow up in circumstances of privilege, but she thrives on tackling challenges and is succeeding through determination, resilience and optimism. She supports those around her to overcome personal and professional obstacles of their own. Lily demonstrates leadership in her field through her steadfast and outspoken commitment to diversity, representation, sustainability and equality. Through the introduction of Atlastrend panel discussions, she is demonstrating leadership in the wider community. Lily is a constant champion for other women, and always encourages others to be the best version of themselves.

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Louise Capper. Recognised as a technical expert in testing and project management, Louise actively shares her knowledge and experience with others. She mentors university students and graduates as well as staff within her organisation. Louise embraces change and leads by example. She sits on her company’s Diversity and Inclusion committee and is responsible for their NAIDOC week celebrations, IDAHOBIT activities and many more. Louise leads discussions with empathy and tact where others may feel uncomfortable.

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Lucy Cooke. Lucy is an ambassador for Austrade Taiwan having invented a software to help creative technologists communicate their ideas for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content called SpaceDraft. Her technical understanding of Visual Effects led her to work on feature films in the USA such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales and Game of Thrones. In following her passion for building virtual worlds, Lucy has inspired others with her determination, courage and eternal optimism. Back in Australia, Lucy, along with her SaaS invention SpaceDraft, was accepted into the Village Roadshow/Microsoft accelerator in Melbourne where she was the youngest entrant and only female founder. Lucy is never afraid to speak up for injustices and has a very strong moral compass. She believes that women are just as capable of being tech entrepreneurs as men and she is determined to help open more and more doorways for young tech enthusiasts to enter the industry. Lucy always makes herself available to help others and particularly those that are trying to break stereotypes and reinvent the wheel.

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Mandy Michael. As a multiple award-winning developer and designer, Front End Development and the Web Industry is not only Mandy’s career but also her passion. Mandy is well known within the international web industry, writing for industry platforms such as Adobe, CSSTricks and Code Like a Girl and her work is featured by notable technology brands, such as Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. Her technical experience and passion for the web has made her an in-demand speaker at conferences and events both locally and internationally. Mandy is a force for integrity and fights unapologetically for her team’s wellbeing, pushes for change to encourage a supportive environment, and promotes a positive work-life balance. She is a caring, proactive mentor to her staff and the community, providing advice and guidance to help them succeed. Her desire to be part of a community of web developers who could share, mentor and learn together led her to create the thriving, welcoming and inclusive Meetup community known as Fenders. Through this, she provides opportunities, supports, encourages and promotes local developers from diverse backgrounds. Mandy was also a founding member of the Mixin conference, giving Perth unprecedented access to world-renowned speakers. She mentors and inspires others through Fenders, Perth {Web} Girls, Code Like a Girl, speaking at various High School events, as well as sharing her experiences and wisdom on social media. Mandy is a powerful force within the industry and a role model for women to enter the field.

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Marion Burchell. Marion recently took on the role of WA’s first female A/Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO), at a time of significant disruption and in the middle of multiple reviews that shaped the future of the office. Through this time of uncertainty, Marion maintained energy and enthusiasm in the team to step up to meet challenges head on using her great sense of humour and unwavering commitment to quality and high value outcomes. Marion’s breadth of knowledge spans across all areas from digital services to infrastructure, cybersecurity and data analytics.  Her experience of working with Ministers and senior executives at state, federal and international levels, and leading industry vendors, brings a keen focus on areas that matter most today, with an eye of the future. Marion’s strategic positioning has successfully elevated the profile of Digital infrastructure as a key economic driver and enabler of social inclusion and better community services. Marion mentors generously. Marion’s sense of fun combined with a measured and considered approach to everything she tackles, inspires confidence and team self-belief.

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Meagan Cojocar. As Principal Analyst at Power Ledger, Meagan has impressed her colleagues with her positive thinking and ‘can do’ attitude. Using innovative approaches, she attacks any business challenge that comes her way and emerges victorious. She is committed to self-learning and has developed an impressive grasp of blockchain technology.  With her infectious enthusiasm, Meagan is a supportive leader who shares her knowledge and inspires everyone around her.

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Professor Mel Ziman. With her expertise in both Melanoma and Huntington’s Disease, Mel established and still leads the Melanoma Research Group at ECU.  While teaching and coordinating four undergraduate units a year with hundreds of students, as well as supervising several postgraduate students to completion, she built a strong, innovative research team that now leads research in WA on the development of melanoma blood tests. These tests are set to revolutionise the way melanoma is diagnosed and treated and will dramatically improve patient outcomes. Mel is a mentor for her team of researchers and clinical fellows (80% female) and has been, and continues to be, principal supervisor of 39 PhDs, MScs and BSc Honours students, of which 24 (61%) are female. She has fostered their careers, with several acquiring postdoctoral positions in prestigious laboratories. She regularly promotes science to the community, giving talks and demonstrations to adults and school students and businesses.

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Melanie Gray. Starting her own business as a new mother, Melanie quickly came to the realisation that there is a big difference between being a Business Analyst and being a Business Owner. She overcame numerous challenges by thinking outside the square. Traditional networking events were impossible, so she created her own inclusive networking events at a play centre meaning working mums like herself could attend alongside those without children. She shared her knowledge and learning experiences with other small business owners via social media and free talks across Perth. Melanie created an effective, innovative and employee-focused workforce and actively assisted them to gain further work and experience outside of her own business. Knowing the difficulties faced by women in STEM roles, she promotes discussion around gender diversity. As a scout leader Melanie encourages young women to consider futures in technology and entrepreneurism.

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Dr Melissa Langdon. As founder of BOSSMAMA, Melissa has strong values of progressive leadership, social inclusion and a commitment to equity and diversity. Melissa has a unique ability to combine high-level insights about gender equity and women at work from academic research, her social networks and coaching/consulting services to engage with both local and global audiences. She recognises the need for male, female and non-binary champions at all levels to influence the conversation. Melissa’s advocacy includes speaking at various national and international conferences like TEDx and volunteering to speak on numerous panels for organisations like WITWA and the UWA Social Impact Festival. She mentors early career women as well as those returning from parental leave, and through her consultancy work she forges visionary new pathways and means for businesses to support gender equality at work and in society. Melissa is a bold, courageous and inspiring leader who takes real action to affect positive change.

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Meredith Cox. In her role as Business Administrator at Catalytic IT, Meredith delivers incredible customer outcomes through her innovative resourcing methods. She is seen as the glue which holds her organisation together working tirelessly with the team to ensure they have a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and their future direction within the company.  With an exceptional work ethic, Meredith leads by example and inspires the team always to give their best.

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Dr Michelle Ellis. Michelle’s role at Edith Cowan University sees her encouraging and engaging with high school students (girls in particular) to help fill the void in Computer and Security Science courses and careers. She has developed several initiatives to engage students outside the classroom which include co-founding the Perth chapter of The Girls Programming Network, engaging volunteers and running workshops. Michelle’s philosophy of ‘train the trainer’ and efforts as a mentor and role model has resulted in a pool of talented individuals who can now teach, lead others and work in teams. She inaugurated the Computing, Security, Intelligence and Mathematics (CoSIM) student association which offers professional and personal development opportunities for primarily female university students. As a champion for women in technology, Michelle provides opportunities for women to lead and/or strengthen their position in the community and is supportive of programs that enhance the knowledge and skillset of women.

Michelle Radley.png

Michelle Radley. As the Manager of Technology Integration, Michelle is helping to inform and shape the technology and automation strategy at Rio Tinto. She is driving the acceleration of business benefit from technology and delivering process and productivity improvement in their core mining processes. Michelle has been actively involved in the VET Strategy program to upskill and reskill the current and future RTIO workforce for the skills requirement automation and technology bring. She is a role model to young women and an active mentor to a number of men and women in the industry. Michelle strongly believes that people continue to make the difference to business success. Even as we move to a more automated world, leadership, engagement and culture will be the point of difference. Michelle’s experience balancing full-time work, a young family and a FIFO husband has shaped her commitment, as a leader, to support flexible work arrangements including work location, flexible hours, and job sharing. She believes that enabling a working environment where team members feel that they are supported both at work, and home creates a more committed workforce. She has built a team where colleagues support each other, are safer and more productive.

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Michelle Rhodes. As a director/owner of 360 Environmental and the managing director/owner of Peak Environmental, Michelle is passionate about driving and achieving excellent environmental outcomes on projects. She has worked on the environmental aspects of several State-level projects for Western Australia for both the private and government sectors. Her environmental passion was set growing up in regional Western Australia in Dalwallinu, and after being educated in Perth she is part of the reverse migration returning to the land at every opportunity.   Michelle is passionate about environmental science having completed Bachelor, Post Graduate and Masters degrees in science. She has worked in the environmental industry for over two decades mainly in the resources, agricultural and infrastructure industries. She believes that being an environmental practitioner is both a privilege and a responsibility and that we all have an obligation to look after the environment for future generations. Michelle leads by example and hopes that by sharing her experiences and mentoring young women, she is inspiring others to make a difference and protect our natural resources. Our future decision makers will make better decisions if we listen to the science, use the data we have and communicate science effectively.  The world is changing rapidly and by using science, technological innovation and big data, we can look at some of the key challenges facing us around implementing sustainable urbanisation, mitigating climate change and managing resource scarcity. Armed with several business awards, with a passion for water and the environment and as a mother of two young girls, Michelle is motivated to be the change we need to see in both sustainable development and in conservation.   Encouraging young students to take on STEM subjects, encouraging our academics, scientists and consultants to work together and partner with industry will see positive change.    The future is bright however, there is much for us all to do.

Michelle Sandford.png

Michelle Sandford. Michelle is a Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft, but she is probably better known as a technology evangelist, a developer advocate, and a brand storyteller. She rose through the ranks at the Australian Computer Society to become Women’s Chair before recently being elected as Chairman. Michelle is a passionate advocate for diversity, accessibility and inclusion, and with this focus in mind has been the driver of change in the ACS to create a more active, relevant and inclusive society. Michelle has not allowed living in one of the most remote cities in the world prevent her from making an impact on the world stage. With many accolades to her name she is an in-demand speaker both nationally and internationally and uses this platform to advocate for women and young people within the tech community and beyond. Her efforts in building a diverse and inclusive community, sharing insights and experience and helping to raise up others have led to the conclusion that Michelle is the epitome of energy, passion, persistence and relentlessness.

Ming Johanson.png

Ming Johanson. With her unique ability to deconstruct complex technologies and couple them with an in-depth understanding of social media tools, Ming creates and integrates knowledge into palatable change management training to transform organisations for future focus. Ming is a regular contributor on 6PR Radio 882 with the Perth Tonight show as their Social Media Expert. She is an elected board member for the WA branch of the Australian Computer Society where she is a champion for diversity. Ming speaks publicly on a wide range of topics dealing with mental health, diversity, rising above adversity, social media and leadership. She is also an ambassador for R U OK? Day where she speaks about suicide prevention and mental health.

Narelle Crofts.png

Narelle Crofts. Narelle’s technical strength has resulted in a significant contribution to innovation within Rio Tinto and led to her appointment as the Operational Readiness Specialist in Rio Tinto’s greenfields Koodaiderie venture. First and foremost a team player, Narelle also displays a remarkable ability to lead from the front in inspiring ways. Competing as an Australian representative in the upcoming Half Iron Man world championships, Narelle can see the win/win solution in every situation. She inspires her colleagues with the great energy, thought leadership and equity she brings to the teams with whom she works.

Natasha Ayers

Dr Natasha Ayers. As Managing Director for AgriStart Pty Ltd, a new company supporting commercialisation and innovation for AgTech and Primary Industries, and Principal Consultant for UniBiz Connect, Tash has a sincere personal passion to support WA's knowledge and innovation economy. She is Chair for the AgTech Network, which has over 700 members. Tash is on the judging panel for the WA Innovator of the Year Awards and the Agriculture and Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Award. Demonstrating exceptional leadership, Tash has mentored countless researchers during her time working in Research Management and Training at ECU, inspiring PhD researchers to achieve their goals both in completion of their research and in their careers. She founded iPREP WA, a unique award-winning program that has connected over 100 PhD students from all 5 Perth universities to over 30 businesses. Prior to that, Tash spent 8 years as a Research Scientist in Agriculture, focusing on plant biotechnology to help discover genes for salt tolerance in plants. Tash enjoys volunteering for education initiatives such as TechTrails, PEAC, Everyday Leader, PRISM, Curtin Ignition and various regional events.

Natasha Blycha.png

Natasha Blycha. Natasha conceived and brought together the consortium of IBM, CSIRO, Herbert Smith Freehills and King Wood Mallesons to build a new piece of digital infrastructure for Australia -  the Australian National Blockchain (ANB).  As a technology lawyer and Herbert Smith Freehill’s Blockchain and Smart Legal Contract Lead, she is a role model who demonstrates competence and determination while balancing work, life and family. Natasha is also a founding member of 'Five', a community organisation working to make walking, running and cycling in Perth, Western Australia, easier, safer and more convenient. This organisation is creating a streamlined route of suburban safe, active streets/bike boulevards connecting Perth City to the City of Fremantle. Natasha is a mentor and inspiration to junior solicitors around the firm's national network.

Olivia Longo.png

Olivia Longo. Striving to always deliver excellent customer service has seen Olivia quickly promoted through various roles into her current Business Account Manager position. Her customers walk out happy because of her fresh approach to understanding their pain points, her in-depth knowledge of the solution she presents and knowing that their feedback has been taken seriously and will be implemented where required. Olivia shows determination and willingness to learn everything she can from those around her. She approaches everything with an open mind and encourages others to think outside the box and to strive for whatever their heart desires.

Patima Tantiprasut.png

Patima Tantiprasut. As Head of Product and Design at Seven West Media, Patima strives to build positive team environments that value personal and professional growth, wellness, flexibility and work-life balance. She surrounds herself with passionate people who love what they do and always seeks the challenge of learning new things. For years she’s mentored several people in their creative tech careers and regularly volunteers her time sharing her experiences with the next generation of leaders. Patima's boundless vision and capability to execute is inspirational. She rallies scattered thoughts, people and ideas, turns them into actionable plans, and manages them through to success. Patima is not afraid to go to bat for what and whom she believes in, a quality which has earned her a reputation for being the kind of manager and friend that will always have your back. Patima consistently demonstrates exceptional and progressive leadership, encouraging diversity within the community and has worked tirelessly to create welcoming and inclusive community cultures. She’s created and orchestrated initiatives that have broken down silos and amplified the dissemination of new knowledge. She’s spoken and written about work-life balance, managing burnout and ethical workplaces at conferences both locally and internationally including Codemania (NZ), JSConf (Germany) and was recently a Keynote speaker at Web Directions. Patima's dedication to connecting web, creative and digital communities and unearthing local talent across Australia, her involvement on the AWIA Committee, Port80 and launching the Localhost meetup and roadshow, alongside organising the Mixin conference has inspired cross-discipline collaboration across the nation and has been integral in shaping engagement across the web and the creative communities within WA.

Petrina Raitt.png

Petrina Raitt. As Director of Green Light Environmental, Petrina leads a team of professionals to run a specialised environmental consultancy which provides high quality environmental support and value adding solutions to the oil and gas industry. She is also the founder and Managing Director of eBase, a cloud-based environmental impact assessment platform which aims to support more efficient, consistent and thorough EIA and project approvals. Over time she has become one of the most well-respected practitioners in her field, consistently delivering both business and environmental outcomes. After finding that traditional workplaces were lacking in the flexibility required for new parents, she set up her own offices to actively promote a solution for people seeking a better work-life balance. Her GLE office is a hive of activity that support flexible working, occasional drop-ins from kids and weekly yoga sessions. She ensures that the team can work from anywhere in the world at any time with cloud-based tools and collaboration options that make it easy for primary carer dads, part-time workers who value flexibility, new mum’s coming back into work life and a graduate Environmental Advisor who likes to fit in a surf wherever he can. She has been quoted as saying “My work allows me to feel like I am taking some responsibility for my own footprint within our world, but also helping to maintain and protect it for my daughter, and someday, her kids too!”

Piri Jackson .png

Piri Jackson. With a strong background in business, marketing and sales in the Telco industry, Piri is consistently pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box to ensure that she provides value and innovative business solutions for her customers. Her colleagues value her selfless support and mentorship and see Piri as an inspirational role model in the male dominated Telco industry.

Roberta Westlund.png

Roberta Westlund. Roberta’s determination and commitment to excellence during the past seven years in Telecommunications has seen her promoted through a variety of roles to her current position as Enterprise Account Manager. Her ability to think outside the box and customise innovative solutions for her customers are a testament to her commitment to excellence in customer service. She continually strives to improve her business knowledge and exceed her targets. This has seen her take out the title of Top Sales Person in a male-dominated arena. As a role model for other women in the Telecommunications space, Roberta leads by example while supporting and encouraging her team members.

Romella Sharp.png

Romella Sharp. Early in her career, a CIO told Romella that she had everything against her and would need to always be twice as good to rise above. He pointed out the obvious - that she is tiny in stature, was born overseas, spoke quietly with an accent and was female. Romella pushed all these perceived boundaries aside and has let her technical and leadership achievements speak for themselves. She broke new ground by building the first data warehouse for Wesfarmers Insurance when the term data warehouse was still in its infancy. Currently working for IAG, she is a member of one of the largest data departments in Australia and has challenged the norm by leading Eastern States teams remotely from Perth. Romella is now one of those people who can walk into an Executive meeting or a technical scrum with a presence, speaking confidently and proudly representing what can be achieved by WA women in IT. Romella is an active member of a working group within IAG that recognises and develops female leaders. She leads by example, and her commitment and drive to achieve outcomes is evidenced by her tireless work ethic. Whether she is taking time to encourage and motivate a team member with personal issues, or helping someone through a technical blocker, Romella is widely liked by her teams and recognised as the heartbeat that keeps them going.

Ruth O'Dwyer.png

Ruth O’Dwyer. In her current role as a Primary School Educator, Ruth firmly believes that STEM will create a pathway to provide students with skills to succeed in the future workforce. She provides a female role model for students to showcase that STEM is fun, exciting and can cross boundaries such as art, music or robotics. Instilling the value of a growth mindset in every lesson Ruth believes that it is the ability to deal with failure that will create successful STEM innovators of the future. Sharing what she learns with others, she provides peer coaching to support teachers with STEM programming and implementing technology into the classroom. Ruth believes everyone can contribute and give back, and that if we all gave just a little bit, there would be many more amazing changes taking place.

Saasha Callaghan.png

Saasha Callaghan. Saasha started her career in the fitness industry before training herself in multiple fields such as marketing, drafting and project management for the Oil & Gas Industry. She has established herself as an entrepreneur, public speaker, an active member on the Petroleum Club Young Professionals committee and Co-hosting the weekly video series of "Bow Tie Fridays". Saasha has broken the mold of traditional thinking and activity within the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries with new marketing strategies while also supporting the growth of OLEOLOGY in the latest technology of MyCelx in the water treatment niche. The technology of MyCelx is so new (thus providing new challenges) is also leading the way in the PFAS treatment and removal which is a major industry for Australia and abroad. The traditional successful path may include study within that field, but Saasha has chosen the more rocky path to run down (and not walk). Bursting out of the blocks in the fitness field Saasha then self taught in 3D modelling and Design alongside experienced engineers. Realising the marketing trend in the Mining, Oil & Gas and marine industries was mainly of the traditional variety, she helped develop several strategies to gain more exposure in the marketplace and is now standing tall from the crowd. The “Bow Tie Friday” episodes she founded are now being shared on various social media channels and are helping to develop a more personal connection with both existing and prospective customers. Saasha is currently working to develop a charity with fundraising opportunities.

Samantha Bowen.png

Samantha Bowen. Samantha is the Founder and Managing Director of the Acorn Network, and Board Member for NHMRC's National Institute for Dementia Research. She is an international presenter on generational engagement, host of national events, and a strong supporter of mentoring as a capacity building tool. Aged Care workplaces are known for reverse ageism and low diversity across all functions including clinical care, executive leadership and the business of care. Through Acorn, Samantha helps create a supportive environment which helps young professionals step up and shine by supporting them to develop their professional networks and build the skills they need to become tomorrow's industry leaders. Despite experiencing financial and personal challenges, and an industry that is reluctant to challenge the status quo, Samantha has continued with the vision of providing advocacy, leadership and mentoring opportunities for young people to consider and be supported in the Aged Care industry.

Samantha Mortley.png

Samantha Mortley. From being the only female process operator in the field through to trying drive cultural change against a 30-year ingrained mining culture, Samantha has developed resilience, focus and determination. Being in a minority group for the past ten years in the mining industry she has experienced many personal challenges within the workplace. As a result, Samantha is now passionate about driving cultural change to make the organisation more inclusive for all. Samantha is creating innovative ways to engage school-aged children in STEM and the mining industry, including onsite mentoring and technology expos at the schools, with the aim of building a more diverse and engaged local talent pool for the future. Within the community, she is helping to tackle issues such as flexible work arrangements, childcare options, gender diversity and exposure to job opportunities and the inclusion of people living with barriers into their workforce. Samantha also volunteers in areas such as fostering and rehoming of greyhounds, the Choose Respect Committee (teaching inclusive behaviour within the community) and she is learning Auslan to better understand others and increase her cultural awareness.

Shelley Kalms.png

Shelley Kalms. As Chief Digital Officer at Woodside, Shelley is at the forefront of their transformation to a new digital organisation. It is not easy to convince a single person to change let alone a whole organisation, but Shelley has the task of influencing the entire organisation to adopt new digital tools and ways of working. To drive this change, Shelley has had an inspiring vision, conviction of purpose, and perseverance against natural resistance and doubt. Leadership is not just about big vision and big achievements; it is also about creating the right environment for your staff to flourish. As a female leader in Woodside Shelley contributes by demonstrating behaviours at a personal level, actively mentoring future leaders at all levels, and conspicuously maintaining a commitment to family and children. She is an inspiration and role model to all women, proving that it does not have to be a choice between work and family.

Sheryl Frame.png

Sheryl Frame. Having started four IT-related companies herself, Sheryl has demonstrated exceptional and progressive leadership over many years. Her ability to dismiss boundaries (or, at least redefine them to advantage) is founded on her ability to think and act strategically with extreme confidence. Planning has been a mantra for her; planning that includes progressive initiatives in leadership, diversity, mentoring and inspiration, innovation and more, all of which succeed because of her thoroughness in defining foresight and vision into her strategies. Sheryl is passionate about helping female founders and ensuring women, in general, are empowered to follow their dreams and dismiss perceived barriers. She has been involved in numerous organisations that help women in business; AWISE, Australian Women in IT, Science and Engineering, WiTWA, SBE Australia, AC and several others. She has mentored dozens of businesses, both start-up and established. Sheryl is looked up to by entrepreneurs starting out and is always on hand to offer to advise and guide one through the tough road to getting a company an idea off the ground. Sheryl has been a trailblazer in many ways for young women in IT and in STEM.

Stella Jinman.png

Stella Jinman. As Principal of Cecil Andrews College in Armadale, Stella has shown enormous tenacity to build a failing school (due to be shut down) into a model school in a very challenging local environment. She influenced WA and Federal politicians to build a brand-new STEM Centre at the school and be selected as the only P-Tech Pilot school in Western Australia. The school has a diverse ethnic base including a large proportion of indigenous students and has formed a direct link to the remote Tjuntjunjtarra Community near the South Australia border - with regular visits of students to Cecil Andrews College and to the Community as well. She has organised industry-based partnerships with Datacom, South Metro TAFE, Curtin University, Deloitte, HP, Austal, Civmec and Thales with regular student visits to these business premises. Skilling Australia are their industry liaison brokers. She has a hands-on approach on with her students and teachers and is continuously providing a role model to all students on the behaviour and expectations. She is removing the barriers for female students to enable them to move into any career they like, especially in the STEM career areas. Many of the outside speakers at the school are professional and successful women who inspire girls and encourage them to enter and achieve excellence in these areas.

Susan Kremer-Pickford.png

Susan Kreemer Pickford.Susan demonstrated her ability to overcome challenges by working as General Manager for Engineers Australia in a post GFC environment for a non-profit to rebuild a brand for the leading industry body for engineers in Western Australia. Susan plays an extremely active role beyond her job and this defines her as a leader for the engineering community. She is Chair of National Science Week in WA Coordinating Committee which aims to promote and build greater awareness in science. Susan volunteers her time to speak to and inspire students at various university and TAFE talks, as well as high school students at WiTWA Techtrails incursions and young engineers’ groups from a range of associations. Susan has been a part of numerous other committees and initiatives throughout the years including leadership programs, graduate coordinating, Toastmasters, and Foodbank. She currently mentors three young professionals within her work and many others outside her formal role. Her leadership style of leading by example inspires others to achieve their goals.

Vanessa Rauland.png

Dr Vanessa Rauland. Dr Vanessa Rauland is an author, academic, public speaker, entrepreneur and small business owner. Vanessa works at Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute as a Research Fellow, where she also supervises numerous PhD students in the fields of sustainability, renewable energy and carbon reduction. With a background in climate change and sustainability and a PhD in decarbonising cities, combined with a keen interest in innovation, STEM and entrepreneurship, Vanessa is passionate about tackling climate change through education, technology and startups. She works with Climate-KIC Australia, where she helps to deliver their Cleantech entrepreneurial activities and events. She is the Founder and Managing Director of the EdTech startup, ClimateClever, which helps students, schools and their communities to reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

Vee Pendergraast.png

Vee Pendergrast. Vee is the Co-founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Stirfire Studios, a Perth based games studio. The venture was founded in late 2010 as a new “home” to support WA game developers and digital media professionals attempting to gain ground in emerging mediums including games, apps and digital platforms. Since then, Vee and her team have been instrumental in developing games for desktop, console and Virtual Reality, as well as non- gaming related VR experiences and software.  Throughout the journey of building her company, Vee has shown tenacity and determination in bringing her vision of a Perth based gaming company developing products for the global gaming industry, to fruition. Her deep passion and commitment to not only delivering exceptional and unique products is surpassed only by her unwavering vocal call for recognition and equality for members of the LGBTIQA community. Vee is a passionate champion of diversity of thought and inclusiveness. This has been further demonstrated by her work in creating a games industry network for WA - one that can deliver globally competitive games, VR and AR products. Vee's ability to champion a greater cause is phenomenal to watch, especially in light of the many challenges thrown her way.

Vesna Moretti.png

Vesna Moretti. Vesna is a technical specialist in naval architectural analysis. While working for in the oil and gas business she undertook a range of complex analyses which enabled resolution of significant technical issues. Since moving into the defence industry she has managed a team engineering resources resolving technical issues associated with the Collins submarines. Vesna spent most of her early career in the marine industry. She then moved into the oil and gas industry, where I met her. Through her dedication to hard work, high intelligence and her very personable character she quickly grasped the fundamentals of the new industry.  Vesna actively mentored younger members of the team of engineers she worked with. Vesna was a member of the organising committee for the Royal Institute of Naval Architects in WA. She also lectured and tutored at ECU in the Mechanical Engineering Degree - Naval Architecture units. While running these units she mentored the students and actively promoted them in industry, facilitating their placement in companies so that they could gain their 12 weeks industry experience.