Another sell-out: Turning ideas into Start-ups and Winning Awards


Continuing with our 2019 theme of “If You Can See Her, You Can Be Her” we were really pleased to have Charlie Gunningham, co-host of Startup West podcast, lead our panel discussion with Dr Sofie De Meyer (CEO of MALDIID), Louise Daw (Co-founder of MiPlan) and Beth Caniglia (Global Marketing Manager at VROC AI).

These fascinating individuals will shared their start-up experiences and talked us through how they have positioned themselves and their companies, to win industry awards or achieve grant funding.

In the second part of our discussion, we heard from Anne Furey (CEO of Grantsmart) who has not only been a judge on many grant and award panels, but works on a daily basis with start-ups, individuals and organisations working on submitting winning applications.

Another event with a fantastic vibe, energy and insights. Here are some of the highlights.