Australia's National Science Statement 2017 released

The government has just released Australia's National Science Statement with a vision of setting a long‑term approach to science, providing guidance for government investment and decision making and clarity on strategic aims.

"The Australian government has established Innovation and Science Australia as an independent statutory body with responsibility for providing strategic whole‑of‑government advice on all science, research and innovation matters. The government tasked Innovation and Science Australia to review the performance of the innovation, science and research system and to develop a strategic plan for the period from now to 2030—called the 2030 Strategic Plan—with recommendations for government, which is expected to be completed in 2017.

In this context, the National Science Statement sets out the government's enduring science objectives and principles. It also positions the government to respond to the science elements of the 2030 Strategic Plan in a considered and targeted manner. The Statement will continue to provide guidance for the government's other science‑related policies and initiatives into the future." 

To access Australia's National Science Statement click here.