Au revoir ..... which actually means 'see you again' Taryn!

As many in our network will have realised by now, we unfortunately recently had to bid Taryn Musgrave goodbye as she relocated herself and her wonderful family to beautiful Canada on the other side of the globe. Pursuing new ventures will no doubt create fantastic opportunities for them, but for us here at WiTWA it was a sad occasion to say goodbye to our fabulous Committee member.  

Taryn was instrumental in broadening our WiTWA networks and adding further diversity in thinking to our conversations. During her time on the WITWA Committee Taryn created some powerful new networking initiatives, including what have now become our very popular bi-monthly Cheeky Sparrow Meetups, as well as our dynamic TECHXchange program. Having been responsible for organising and coordinating many interesting and informative sessions, Taryn's legacy will hopefully continue to thrive as both these initiatives grow. We know that feedback from our WITWA members has been thoroughly positive! In her role as WITWA Treasurer, Taryn also added her broad knowledge of tech solutions into the mix, enabling further growth and streamlining many of our internal processes.

We would like to thank Taryn for the two years of dedication and hard work she spent advocating for women in technology since joining the WITWA committee in mid-2015. Taryn, we wish you all the best for the future and your Canadian adventures!

Au Revoir & Best Wishes from all of us here at WiTWA.