A study reveals why Russia is so good at encouraging women into tech

The BBC NEWS recently published an interesting article on women in tech in Russia and the results may surprise! According to Unesco, 29% of people in scientific research worldwide are women, compared with 41% in Russia. In the UK, about 4% of inventors are women, whereas the figure is 15% in Russia. It appears that Russian girls view STEM far more positively, with their interest starting earlier and lasting longer.

"Most of the girls we talked to from other countries had a slightly playful approach to STEM, whereas in Russia, even the very youngest were extremely focused on the fact that their future employment opportunities were more likely to be rooted in STEM subjects." Julian Lambertin, Managing Director at KRC Research, the firm that oversaw the Microsoft interviews.

Girls cited parental encouragement and female role models as key, as well as female teachers who outnumber their male colleagues presiding over a curriculum viewed as gender neutral. The differences don't stop there. Read the full article here