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About Saasha Callaghan

Saasha started her career in the fitness industry before training herself in multiple fields such as marketing, drafting and project management for the Oil & Gas Industry. She has established herself as an entrepreneur, public speaker, an active member on the Petroleum Club Young Professionals committee and Co-hosting the weekly video series of “Bow Tie Fridays”. Saasha has broken the mold of traditional thinking and activity within the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries with new marketing strategies while also supporting the growth of OLEOLOGY in the latest technology of MyCelx in the water treatment niche. The technology of MyCelx is so new (thus providing new challenges) is also leading the way in the PFAS treatment and removal which is a major industry for Australia and abroad. The traditional successful path may include study within that field, but Saasha has chosen the more rocky path to run down (and not walk). Bursting out of the blocks in the fitness field Saasha then self taught in 3D modelling and Design alongside experienced engineers. Realising the marketing trend in the Mining, Oil & Gas and marine industries was mainly of the traditional variety, she helped develop several strategies to gain more exposure in the marketplace and is now standing tall from the crowd. The “Bow Tie Friday” episodes she founded are now being shared on various social media channels and are helping to develop a more personal connection with both existing and prospective customers. Saasha is currently working to develop a charity with fundraising opportunities.

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