Ensuring your Digital Wellness with Jordan Foster from ySafe

September 30, 2020 @

Women in Technology WA (WiTWA) invites you to join us and unwind for the week with a thought provoking discussion about ensuring our Digital Wellness. With the digital landscape being developed to capture attention, how can we encourage a more mindful approach to our tech behaviour? What impact is technology having on our mental, physical and social health? And how can we harness the positive aspects of technology, promote balance and support our health and wellbeing. 

Join Jordan Foster to learn more about the science and current research to understand the attention economy and strategies to support wellbeing. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and you will leave the session with practical, research based strategies and approaches to support your digital wellbeing.

Overview of talk

The Attention Economy: The digital landscape has been developed to capture attention. Social media, games, and communication apps capitalise on human cognition to promote use and engagement. We explore some of the strategies and features used to promote frequent and prolonged use, and provide participants with techniques to bring mindfulness to their tech behaviour.

Online Activity and Affect: The everyday running of our personal and professional lives are often ubiquitous with technology use. Citing current research, we explore the impacts of technology and screen-time on our mental, physical, and social health and discuss current screen-time and sleep hygiene recommendations.

Strategies for Supporting Wellbeing: This session concludes with simple, practical, and research-based strategies and practices to help harness the positive aspects of technology, promote balance, and support employee health and wellbeing.

This event will be live streamed on Facebook, so please register your attendance on the Facebook event to get notifications about when we go live.

Photo of Jordan Foster

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