Show Up & Write that Tech [+] 20 Submission

August 5, 2021 @

Join the WiTWA team and fellow nominees for an evening of guided submission writing 💜

Many of us struggle to write about ourselves and that darned “tall poppy syndrome” does not help…

However, you are all absolutely worth it, so we are running a couple of online sessions to support and inspire each other.

Don’t forget that you are already a superhero as a woman in tech [+] and we need to show the world how many of us exist.

Just imagine how many others we can inspire?! #seeherbeher

As someone who struggled to pick up the pen herself, our host, Gry Stene, knows all about the silly things that can get in your way, and has a few tips about how to write about yourself so the judges can see how amazing your are.

In these 90-minute online sessions, we will start with a conversation where you can ask us anything in relation to the Tech [+] Award. We will then get you doing some focused writing using the pomodoro technique to help YOU get started and WRITE that application. Coz you’re worth it!

For additional resources, check out our library of resources for amazing award submissions.

Let’s rise and shine together 💜

See you there!

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