Q&A & Writing Workshop for Award Submissions

July 26, 2020 @

Sunday 26 July at 3-4pm.

Did someone tap you on the shoulder to tell you that you need to submit your application for the WiTWA Tech [+] 20 Award? Or any award for that matter? Are you struggling even to get started?

We hear you! Loud and clear.

Writing your own submission can be challenging. So to help you craft an amazing award application, we are running a Q&A and writing workshop for award submissions.

In this workshop, we will provide a few example responses, share a template that you can fill in, AND give you time and a safe space to write with our support. And best of all, we have a panel of past nominees, story tellers, and social media experts to answer questions while you are at it.

The workshop will be facilitated by our very own Pia Turcinov, and you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered by :

  • Sarah Mitchell – Content Marketing expert, Founder at Typeset and Global Copywriting & ‘award submission whisperer’ who will share her tips on how to write a winning submission
  • Jo Saunders – LinkedIn & Brand Strategist & Founder of Wildfire Marketing who will share her tips on the importance of backing yourself on social media
  • Heidi Pass – WiTWA Committee, Earth Scientist, Passionate @ Gender Intelligence & past Tech [+] Award nominee
  • Michelle Radley – WiTWA Conference Committee Lead, Technology Integrator & Leader @ Rio Tinto & past Tech [+] Award winner
  • Gry Stene – WiTWA Comms Committee, STEAM & Diversity Advocate, Founder STEAM Engine Global & past Tech [+] Award winner

This will be a fairly informal workshop where we hope you will have a bit of fun while learning how to shine. BYO snacks and drinks as we are staying virtual so we can reach as many as possible.

A bit about our guest specialists

Sarah Mitchell – Content Marketing expert

Sarah Mitchell, has been working in content marketing since 1996. She loves helping customers convert their content initiatives into long-term business assets and is a proponent of the brand newsroom model of content marketing. When she’s not immersed in strategy or consulting, Sarah conducts messaging and writing workshops to make the world a better place for readers everywhere.

Sarah’s work has placed her as winner and finalist for the Content Marketing Awards in multiple categories over several years. Her writing has been published in five countries. Something of a professional vagabond, she lives on the west coast of Australia, preferring sunshine and sandy beaches to the snow and ice of her native Michigan.

Jo Saunders – LinkedIn & Brand Strategist

Photo Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders is an international LinkedIn and brand strategist, author and social media educator who shows leaders and teams how to increase visibility, amplify authority and earn influence using LinkedIn and social marketing tools. She is ranked in the top 5 LinkedIn experts in Asia Pacific by the Social Media Marketing Institute, was a finalist for Social Media Educator of the Year and author of Get Good or Get Off – A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media.

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