Lunchtime Webinar: WiTWA talks with Toni James, NZ-based snowboarder.

March 29, 2022 @

How to keep kickass women in tech – Take a lesson from snowboarding!

Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2022
Time: 12:00noon – 1:00pm (AWST)
Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: Free

About the event:

What’s the point of hiring kickass women if you don’t have an environment that supports their growth and desire to stay with your company?

We need to look outside the tech ‘bubble’ and adopt successful initiatives to truly and systematically increase the participation and retention of women in tech. We talk a mean talk about cultural fit, and then fail to look at industries based on culture that are tackling the gender inequality issue and winning.

Burton Snowboards started the Women’s Leadership Initiative which has seen the leadership team grow from 10% female to over 40% in the last 10 years. Nearly everything they do as a company is transferable to the tech industry.

Join Toni James, NZ-based snowboarder turned software engineer turned security consultant, conference organiser, board member and speaker, for a lunchtime webinar as she shares the Burton Snowboards story and what lessons can be learned to keep kickass women in tech.

About Toni James:

Toni James is an accomplished security consultant, software engineer, conference organiser, board member and speaker.  With a passion for increasing the representation of women and minorities in the tech industry, she focuses on encouraging young women and career changers to join her in challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring opportunity to hear Toni’s story! 💜

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