Lunch & Learn: Geek Whispering 101 with Gry Stene

April 22, 2020 @

Our resident “Geek Whisperer” – Gry Stene – takes us back to the basics, sharing some of her experiences.

Before jumping into solution mode, have a think about the following questions to help you get the right mix of people, processes and systems:

  • Start with the WHY – is there a problem or need that you want to solve, did someone tell you to, do existing systems not work for you
  • WHO will be impacted Who are YOUR customers and users? Who will you get to help?
  • WHAT outcomes are you looking for?
  • WHEN do you need what?
  • HOW will you be working with your helpers / track progress / make sure you are “speaking the same language”?

WiTWA Live Weekly events are informal live events where we ask members to share something they might think is useful for the community. They are run every Wednesdays at  1pm.

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