Exploring IoT: Cool things you didn’t know about the Internet of Things

May 20, 2021 @

Imagine your fridge telling you you’ve run out of milk…or even better, ordering you another carton! From wearable devices to home automation the Internet of Things is about to transform the way we live and work.

35 billion devices online by the end of 2021…and a projected 75 billion by 2025!

But what IS the “Internet of Things”? 

And what sort of IoT projects are happening right here in WA? And why is NASA getting involved? We will uncover all these topics and more in this wide-ranging panel discussion featuring the fascinating WA women at the forefront of IoT in industry, the home and security.

Held in the fabulous event space at NEXTDC, you will also have the opportunity to join an exclusive tour of their data centre and network with other amazing women.

Absolutely no technical knowledge required – if you’ve been curious to learn more about IoT, this is the perfect place to start. 

Light refreshments included in ticket price.

Please see below for more information on our speakers and panelists.


  • Emma Eltringham
  • Hannah McKelvie
  • Sarah James

Special thanks to our host and sponsor NEXTDC


Special thanks also go to Internet Association of Australia for being a proud sponsor of this WiTWA Event.

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