WiTWA is a Perth-based, not for profit organisation providing a framework for women in tech [+] to extend their networks and expand their knowledge on a broad range of professional topics. We encourage open conversation and inspire deliberation and debate.

WiTWA wants to see more women in tech [+] roles and organisations in WA, and to progress those already in these careers as we achieve greater parity and equality.

This is how we help make it happen:

  • Encouraging young people to study STEM subjects through our Techtrails program, showing Year 9 and 10 students the diverse and varied jobs for all genders in tech [+] careers.

  • We want to retain the women already in tech [+] careers. We do this by helping them connect with fellow supporters and providing networking and development opportunities through our suite of events: TechXChanges, Boardroom Series and our newly minted one-day conference, WiTWA [+].

Our supporters span across gender, industry and age and are committed to introducing women and young people to exciting and meaningful careers in tech, science and innovation.

We want to champion tech [+] as viable, future focused and stimulating professions for young people to consider; and we want to support them in that pursuit – all while raising the status of women in Australian business and in all tech [+] industries.

Mission Statement, goals and projects

Our mission is to encourage business change to accommodate diversity and provide a network of support for women in technology, science and innovation. Aside from events and advocating for greater diversity in technology and innovation, we also strive to inspire school students into technology careers through our techtrails school incursion program. This program has been running since 2010 and has influenced hundreds of school children in Perth and the regional centres. 

Meet our WiTWA Committee Members

Pia Turcinov - WiTWA Chair
Director, Mystral Enterprises & Build in Common. Pia is an accomplished Executive and Non-Executive Director with broad and strategic experience across a range of industries. She manages a portfolio career, holding a number of advisory positions. With more than 27 years’ experience in industry, she is an active protagonist within the Australian innovation ecosystem. Pia has qualifications in law and business management, and offers a wealth of commercial knowledge gained in the private, public and NFP sectors. She shares her expertise as an innovation champion, mentor, facilitator and public speaker on topics relating to entrepreneurship, technological disruption and STEM. As the mother of three daughters, Pia remains an enthusiastic champion for diversity and enabling women.

Kay Hargreaves resized profile photo 2.jpg

Kay Hargreaves, WiTWA Deputy Chair
Managing Director, Colleagues Information Solutions. Kay specialises in transforming the way organisations collect, manage, use and apply data. With over 30 years working and consulting experience in digital data, Kay is passionate about technology and uses her natural enthusiasm for continuous improvement and her technical experience to help organisations gain a competitive advantage through innovation. Kay encourages people to question normality and promotes collaboration to generate new ideas that improve productivity and lead organisations towards high performance.

Jennifer Reyes.png

Jennifer Reyes, WiTWA Secretary
Entrepreneur - AI & Technology.
Jennifer was at the forefront of Industrial Artificial Intelligence research and product development before clients even realised they needed this technology. She forged a path whereby her small start-up in Perth now has distribution through 8 countries internationally and some of the biggest companies in the world as her clients. Demonstrating incredible personal strength, determination and perseverance, Jennifer juggled the requirements of being a new mother, dealing with the rigours of treatment (and its significant side-effects) for advanced stage cancer with progressing the needs of a new start-up. Jennifer’s business (VROC) hires a very diverse team and at one stage even had a completely female development team. With skills in this new technology difficult to come by, Jennifer has mentored and trained graduates from local universities, recent migrants to Australia, as well as local students and professionals. Jennifer is an inspirational role-model to all.

Maree Morrell, WITWA Treasurer
Cyber Forensics and Information Security Student. Maree has extensive accounts experience having worked for over 20 years in both the petrochemical industry in NZ and the engineering industry in Western Australia. She volunteered on her local P&C for ten years, during which time she gained experience in retail management and customer service. She is currently working towards an IT degree majoring in Cyber Forensics and Information Security at Murdoch University. She strongly believes in the value of teaching young people to move beyond simply using technology, to utilising it as a tool to create their future. Maree is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion both at University and through her involvement with WITWA.

Alana Atkinson small.jpg

Alana Atkinson, WiTWA Events Lead

Lacey Filipich, WiTWA Communications & Partnerships
Founder & Managing Director, Money School & Maker Kids Club.
 Lacey began her career as a chemical engineer in the mining industry after graduating as valedictorian from University of Queensland in 2003, but she has always identified as an entrepreneur (Lacey started her first business at 10 years old). Today, Lacey is the co-founder and director of two successful education start-ups; Money School and Maker Kids Club. She continues to consult in the mining industry in the area of operational improvement. 

Michelle Radley

Events Subcommittee

Donna Edwards profile picture

Donna Edwards
State Delivery Manager, Readify (a Telstra company). Donna has been building amazing teams for over seventeen years. Donna leads the WA team at Readify working with clients and the team to ensure they are delivering value and solving complex business problems. Previous to this, she was a General Manager at Ignia which grew from a 25 person locally-focussed development shop to one of the largest and most respected technology solutions consultancies in Perth. Donna is a regular speaker at community events on topics around diversity, employee engagement, talent management and business growth.

Natasha Fergusson

Niamh Toohey

Sasha H

Tracey Naidoo

Communications Subcommittee

Aparna Burke

Diana Adorne resized profile photo.jpg

Diana Adorno
Principal Consultant, Experience Designer & Researcher, ThoughtWorks. 
Diana is a designer, researcher and strategist who produces digital products using an Agile and Lean approach. She continually experiments with different aspects of the design process to reveal intuitive, feasible designs as well as the transformation for people and organisations. She supports diversity in thought, action and creed.  Diana supports diversity in every aspect of life and culture.

Gry Stene.png

Gry Stene
Chief Product Officer, Moodle | Founder KinChip Systems | STEAM Advocate.
Gry is a thought leader in digital transformation and product management. With over 30 years in the tech industry, Gry is the linchpin in communication between business and tech. Uniquely in the ‘tech space’, Gry is unwaveringly committed to driving social change. She is a tech communications coach and a mentor to women and young people who share her passion to redefine STEM as STEAM – injecting arts and humanity into conventional Science, Technology Engineering and Maths. In this way Gry is able to create real opportunities for women or those previously overlooked within traditional tech roles.

Tina Ambrose

WiTWA Ambassadors

Sheryl Frame resized profile size.jpg

Lucie Hammond
Founder, Diversifly.
Lucie is an entrepreneur with a huge amount of energy for learning, growth and realising people potential through new and emerging disruptive technology. With a background in corporate communications, change, psychotherapy and executive coaching she is well placed to explore enterprise needs for the future of work. Lucie is Founder and CEO of Diversifly, a start-up specialising in learning and development through virtual reality, with a particular focus on the people and leadership skills that she believes will differentiate humans from bots in the coming age of automation.

Anitra Robertson
Senior Consultant, Cognizant. Leveraging today's unprecedented growth in digital technology, Anitra is passionate about leading global transformation projects involving the latest in cybersecurity, robotics and automation across the mining resources and healthcare sector. Anitra managed change projects with mining company Rio Tinto for 12 years involving global restructures, and the introduction of autonomous trucks and drilling technology into Pilbara mining operations as part of Rio Tinto's Mine of the Future®. In healthcare, Anitra partnered with leading universities to establish evidence-based applications of virtual and augmented reality, robotics and data science in medical training and patient care.